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Frequently Asked Questions


PageKeeper is entirely free and contains no banner-ads. Teaching Matters, a non-profit organization devoted to advancing instruction through technology develops and hosts PageKeeper. Visit them online at http://www.teachingmatters.org

I lost my password, will you send it to me?

Sure we will. Click here and enter in either your username or your email address and we'll send it to you. If it doesn't go through, check your SPAM settings, they might be too high. If you're still stuck, please email Evan at eodonnell@teachingmatters.org

I can't figure out how this thing works! HELP?!?

Please take a moment and review the online demo and "getting started" pages

I want to annotate my links and add text to my pages.
Why don't you let me?

Teaching Matters is in the process of building out PageKeeper to allow teachers to prepare online activities with annotated directions to students and the ability to gather links from other PageKeeper pages.

I found an inappropriate PageKeeper page. What should I do?

Please copy the URL of the page and email it to Evan at eodonnell@teachingmatters.org. As our terms of use states, we reserve the right to take down and ban what we deem inappropriate material.

I found a bug in the system, who do I send it to?

Please write a short description of the problem and email it to Evan at eodonnell@teachingmatters.org

I have a great idea on how this tool can be better.
Who do I send it to?

We're always open to ideas on how to improve Pagekeeper. Please email ideas to (guess who...) Evan at eodonnell@teachingmatters.org

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